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new construction & RENOVATION/ADDITIONS


  • Client & Property introduction.

  • What are you looking for? Owner review.

  • Master planning & understanding site influences. In-depth property research to confirm and assure compliance with all applicable local zoning by-laws.

  • Conceptualizing of building mass and form.

  • Creation of concept drawings that convey program, circulation, geographic influences, form, etc. These drawings consist of site plans, floor plans and exterior perspectives.

  • Schematic reviews with clients.


  • Design refinement. Finalizing the schematic.

  • Directional development of the interior & exterior material palettes.

  • Engineering (civil, structural, ect.) initial involvement. Understanding structure.

  • Review and confirm state and local building code compliance.

Construction Documents

  • Translation of all design work into technical documentation for General Contractor pricing, permitting and construction.

  • Finalizing and organization of all project specifications, specialty materials and details


  • On-site observation of during all stages of construction, to assure conformity to construction documents and specifications. This phase is meant to assure the Owner that the completed building reflects the approved design intent.

  • Routine communication and meetings with the General Contractor to review progress, schedule and pricing.

  • Provide clarification sketches according to information requests on site.