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Plan Production & Drafting services

Maybe you have a design in mind and you just need a second set of eyes. Or maybe, a pro to organize plans for you… No sweat! We can help you with that too.

Through our extensive training in the residential design field, we can help you produce and/or organize any set of drawings and/or documentation that you’ll need for pricing, permitting and construction. As this is very similar to the “Construction Documents” phase, which is arguably one of, if not the most important step of the design process.

With this, we can help fill in any design or technical blanks that have left you a bit puzzled. We can also help lead you in the right direction, should you need further assistance from other local professionals, like structural & civil engineers, contractors, subcontractors, HER’s raters, town boards, etc.

Happy to share our expertise and get you moving in the right direction!