Every project is a unique opportunity in creating a “home”. Lets design yours together.

 William received his bachelor’s and masters degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.  After graduating, Will moved to the Vineyard  with his (now) wife Kristen, where he apprenticed for a local prominent Architectural firm, designing and managing high-end residential projects.  During that time Will was exposed to all phases of the design process and expanded his fascination with merging the classic New England vernacular with modern day styling.

Architecturally trained and seasoned in carpentry, Will specializes in defining a residence thru thoughtful design that is conceived with a technically artful approach. Will is an advocate for working side-by-side with builders, craftsman, artisans and town boards to not only establish lasting professional relationships, but to ensure that each project is crafted as uniquely as its inhabitant.  Will has a deep passion for design and true appreciation for bringing projects, whether renovation or new construction, from concept to reality.

 “Our goal, is to curate holistic spatial experiences  that cater to the personal, sociological and aesthetic needs of our clients,  while always taking cue from the distinct natural features that comprise a property.”